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Students attend school at our state-of-the-art location in Summit, New Jersey. Our facilities allow for group collaboration, solo concentration, and everything in between.

Ivy League-educated tutors are available on-site and over Skype during and after school hours for one-on-one sessions to ensure that each student has all the tools he or she needs to excel.

We offer consulting services for families who live out of state.                           

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Our unique curriculum is ideal for gifted and asynchronous learners. We personalize each student's learning plan through our in-depth knowledge of acclaimed courseware and educators, allowing each student to excel.

Expert teachers and project-based learning, both online and offline, are hallmarks of our model. Students learn in accredited classes, taught by Ph.D.-holding instructors who are at the top of their field, be it arithmetic or zoology.

Jenny Nadaner, My Ivy Education professor and team member, talks our approach to education and philosophy of personalization.

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213 studies point to social and emotional learning as key to stronger academic performance, leadership skills, relationships with peers and teachers, and conflict resolution.

--Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence


 My Ivy Education is also committed to implementing emotional intelligence. Co-founder Krystle DiCristofalo has trained intensively in intellectual inquiry, community-building, and conflict resolution, allowing for more caring and compassionate relationships in addition to reduced bullying and social aggression. Our unique perspective ensures that each student is ready to lead in the 21st-century. If U.S. students are to be competitive in an increasingly global and innovative workforce, the ability to persist, adapt, and take initiative while demonstrating empathy for themselves and others is not just a bonus. It is a necessity.


Breaking Down Barriers

We believe that this video by spoken-word artist Prince Ea perfectly states the problem. My Ivy Education's whole person-centric approach to learning is the solution.