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My Ivy Education Pathways

Our college consulting program takes each high school student through the college preparation and application process. We help them develop their most authentic selves and get in touch with what truly drives and motivates them as individuals, in order to both become more emotionally intelligent people and to drastically increase their chances of acceptance to their dream schools, including top colleges such as the Ivy League.

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Widener Library, Harvard University

Not your dad's college consulting

Our work at My Ivy Education is inspired by our radically different approach to college counseling. Here, we don't just edit your Common App essay and call it a day. We work with you one-on-one to first help you discover what you're passionate about, and then to help you get into the top competitions, contests, and summer programs in your areas of interest. Plus, we'll support you in crafting your own, self-driven, personalized project. We've helped our students found nonprofits, businesses, blogs, publications, and more. They've received grants from the United Nations, been recognized in The New York Times and interviewed in The Wall Street Journal, and appeared live on CNN - all with our help, while building self-esteem and confidence along the way. That way, by time our students apply to college, they're already the kinds of applicants top schools can't say no to.

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Co-founder Krystle DiCristofalo reads the Common App essay that got her into the Ivy League.

How to get national - and even international - awards that will make top colleges take notice.

Every college is different. Is Columbia the right school for you? Watch to find out!

My Ivy Education tutor and Stanford University student Sky dishes on admissions secrets.

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Our Students' Results Speak for Themselves

After two My Ivy Education mentors helped one of our younger students, Dwight, develop a project on carbon emissions for the 3M Young Scientists Challenge, he filmed this 2-minute video - at only 10 years old. His top-tier private school wasn't challenging him enough in STEM, so his parents reached out to us for help.

Featuring one of our younger students, because it's never too early to start.

Don't miss out on our offerings for students in grades 1-8, not just 9-12, including passion and extracurricular development, tutoring, and private school admissions support.


Watch My Ivy Education student Arin Parsa discuss his vaccine advocacy nonprofit, Teens for Vaccines, on CNN New Day Weekend. Show your support for Arin by tweeting #CrushCovid to join his campaign!

Our Mission

From providing exclusive academic consulting, to delivering top grades and test scores through our unrivaled tutoring services, to crafting individualized college applications that dazzle admissions officers, My Ivy Education maximizes your educational success. By drawing on our comprehensive resources and (unmatched) understanding of the road to student success and what colleges really look for, we guide each My Ivy student to achieve their full potential in academics, extracurricular activities and competitions, and college admissions. My Ivy Education is the only consulting company that can help you craft - and succeed in - your entire educational path.