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The Online Advantage
IRL* + Online = Success

*In Real Life

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Benefits of Online Classes

The value of learning to communicate through multiple channels cannot be underestimated in the 21st century. This is exactly what online learning offers. In our live online class sessions, students have access to both microphones and text chats simultaneously. When a teacher or student is speaking, other students communicate ideas through text chat, making for a powerful one-two punch in communication that is unmatched by any other form of learning. Student comments and ideas in text chat ignite thoughtful questions and discussions by those on the mic, allowing even more depth to be added via text chat, creating uniquely profound conversations fostering critical thinking and creative, collaborative problem-solving.


Each student is able to participate and enrich the discussion through whichever mode they feel comfortable with, while challenging themselves to excel in both verbal AND written communication. Every student has the unlimited opportunity to advance class discussions and engage with the material. This is impossible to replicate in a physical classroom, where a teacher stands in front of a room and students can only speak when called on. At the same time, each student is more consistently engaged while others are speaking, because they themselves also have the opportunity to add to the conversation through relevant and important written communication. Everyone's perspective is heard in a respectful and teacher-facilitated space, capitalizing on the unparalleled opportunity online learning offers to engage with students from widely different cultures and experiences. Broadening one's horizons leads to a more powerful and impactful learning experience.

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A Global Education

Distance learning allows students to learn in the company of peers from all around the world, rather than just those who live in their hometown. Such interaction in the respectful, nurturing, and challenging environment of a classroom is ideal for fostering tolerance and understanding of different backgrounds and cultures. It opens up the classroom to the unique viewpoints that are natural outgrowths of those different backgrounds. An online class is an unparalleled opportunity to to learn how to socialize with, care for, and deeply understand people who, despite their differences, are united in mutual enthusiasm for learning because they all choose to be there.


Virtual education allows students to learn from educators who are experts in their fields without concern for physical location. These professors are often more accessible than in traditional schools due to office hours, email, Skype, and other communication tools, allowing students to develop better relationships with their teachers. Online learning offers a chance for diversified human connection that is otherwise incredibly rare, yet is integral to global connections.

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Learning for YOU

Online courses come in as many shapes, sizes, and formats as people. It is My Ivy Education's expertise, knowledge, and experience choosing the most appropriate, top-notch programs that helps us discover which will best invigorate, educate, and work for YOU. According to the U.S. Department of Education, research suggests that students enrolled in online classes excel and perform better than in traditional schools. Students can learn via slideshows, prerecorded video lectures, gamification, lecture notes, one-on-one teacher meetings, discussion boards, and more. At the same time, not only do educators communicate consistently with students, but also with our My Ivy Education guides, ensuring an open dialogue that allows us to customize and improve the My Ivy Education experience for each of our students.

"Once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any experience that reveals the human spirit."

--E. E. Cummings

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