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Our head essay expert and writing mentor, Krystle DiCristofalo, is a published writer who's won national awards. As a Creative Writing major from Columbia University, she helps My Ivy Education students write their unique stories - and craft essays no college can say no to. See what literary giants have to say about her writing below.

The My Ivy Difference

We are the leading essay editing firm because we focus on all aspects of writing. We go way beyond just grammar (though we cover that too). We teach our students how to make emotional connections with their audiences and tell their own unique stories. We’ll help you get accepted to your dream college by accepting you for you and bringing out the best in you. It shows in our results. Our students have been the ONLY ones to win the prestigious $25,000 Davidson Fellows Scholarship for 2 years in a row. They've won national awards for their writing. They've been accepted to the highly selective Iowa Young Writers' Studio, Adroit Journal Summer Mentorship Program, and Kenyon Review Young Writers Workshop. Above all, their essays have gotten them into all 8 Ivy Leagues, Stanford, and so many other Top 20 colleges and universities.

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Watch My Ivy Education co-founder Krystle DiCristofalo read the essays that got her into Columbia University.

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Reviews of Krystle's Writing

"It’s clear that this is a voice worth listening to, a voice that will have its way with language and do things line by line that will be striking, while still showing an ability for narrative momentum. So I get drawn in early [vital for standing out amongst thousands of college essays!] and that force never really dissipates... It shows spectacular control... all of this is a terrific way to engage us, to make us care, and to make us endlessly curious... I just want to stress how accomplished and impressive this story seems to me."

--Author and Columbia University Professor Ben Marcus