How Students Learn: The My Ivy Difference


Our unique academic curriculum provides students with a world-class education that is critical to fostering a lifelong love of learning, igniting confidence and intellectual curiosity, and exciting and motivating children to learn. By synthesizing classes from proven (often accredited) online courseware allowing acceleration up to the college level and designing an individual learning plan for each student, we facilitate each child's personal journey.

My Ivy Education courses are often taught in real time by professors holding Ph.D.s. Our online courseware allows access to experts in any field, regardless of physical location, with instructors who are always accessible to their students.

Ivy League-educated tutors are available live at our location by request. They offer completely personalized and individualized, one-on-one sessions for students during and after school. Once you're at My Ivy Education, we introduce you to the most exciting, rigorous, and meaningful opportunities for you and your interests - both in and out of the classroom - and then give you all the support and individualized guidance necessary to succeed.

Technology with a Purpose

Our society is in the midst of a technological (r)evolution. Educational technology ushers in necessary changes to the infrastructure of schooling that are irrefutably integral to bettering student productivity, acceleration, and enjoyment. The structured, facilitated, and purposeful utilization of technology in the classroom builds vital 21st-century skills while unlocking a world of potential in which academic subject matter can be taught through any variety of means, allowing it to be tailored to each student’s needs.




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My Ivy Education

Proven and professional curricula, content, and resources accelerate student rates of learning while allowing agency in improving the instruction they receive. The existing bounty of online content and its proper application to each student, in addition to EQ-building skills with interpersonal relationships in a physical environment, is what allows My Ivy Education to achieve its innovative heights of personalization and connection with every student.

Academic Offerings

  • Honors, AP, and university-level classes available

  • English Language and Literature

  • Mathematics and Mathematical Literacy

  • Life Sciences and Physical Sciences

  • Computer Science and Coding

  • Logic

  • U.S. Government

  • U.S. and World History and Geography

  • Foreign Language of Your Choice

  • Critical Thinking and Reasoning

  • Current Events

  • Psychology

  • Visual Arts

  • Emotional Literacy and Mindfulness

"If a child can't learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn." --Ignacio Estrada

Teaching the way students learn: The My Ivy Education promise.


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