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How Students Learn: The My Ivy Difference

98% of students succeed in their goals when they have a mentor that they can relate to and connect with, and our team of dedicated, elite tutors - from colleges like Yale, Columbia, and U.C. Berkeley - is are here to give you an edge and dedicated, one-to-one consulting and tutoring (we can even work with you daily on your assignments if necessary) to help you keep your grades up, let your passions shine through, and make you stand out in your homework, essays, and applications - especially considering that the average school counselor only spends a total of half an hour with each student.

First, we gain an understanding of where students are at with regards to interests and passions, grades, extracurricular activities, awards won, and everything that is applicable for future college admissions. Then, through research and regular meetings, we help you discover and apply for the best courses and classes, competitions and contests, merit scholarships, and summer and extracurricular programs for the competitive edge necessary to boost your chances of being accepted to your dream schools while furthering your education and passions in meaningful ways, and while making sure you have enough academic support and tutoring to keep your grades up.

We also create a personalized admissions strategy for you and hold regular check-ins to help hold students accountable and keep them on track for their dreams, in order to craft a successful and stress-free process. Then, when it comes time to apply, we help brainstorm, coach, and critique college essays and applications. If you have a dream college, we can help you get an internship there or work with a professor in some capacity, in addition to helping you figure out what other colleges would be best for supporting your unique needs and passions. We work together to create a semester-by-semester plan that ultimately allows you to gain both integral experience in your areas of interest and accolades that pique colleges' interest.

Technology with a Purpose

Our society is in the midst of a technological (r)evolution. Educational technology ushers in necessary changes to the infrastructure of schooling that are irrefutably integral to bettering student productivity, acceleration, and enjoyment. The structured, facilitated, and purposeful utilization of technology in the classroom builds vital 21st-century skills while unlocking a world of potential in which academic subject matter can be taught through any variety of means, allowing it to be tailored to each student’s needs.




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It is human nature to strive for a better solution.

This is ours.

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My Ivy Education

Academic Offerings

  • AP and university-level classes available

  • English Language and Literature

  • Mathematics and Mathematical Literacy

  • Life Sciences and Physical Sciences

  • Philosophy

  • World Cultures

  • Linguistics and Sociolinguistics

  • Foreign Language - Spanish

  • Critical Thinking and Reasoning

  • Project-Based Learning

  • Emotional Literacy and Mindfulness

"If a child can't learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn." --Ignacio Estrada

Teaching the way students learn: The My Ivy Education promise.

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