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Krystle DiCristofalo (pictured) and Donna DiCristofalo founded 

elite college counseling, tutoring, and academic consulting firm My Ivy Education in 2017. Their novel approach to education, informed by decades in the homeschooling, online learning, and college planning spaces, quickly helped them transform how students learn, follow their passions, and succeed in gaining acceptance to their dream schools - including Ivy Leagues and Top 10 universities. My Ivy Education students have won and continue to win the top national and international awards, honors, and scholarships across all academic and extracurricular categories.


Krystle graduated from Columbia University cum laude in 3 years instead of 4 to focus solely on My Ivy Education. Columbia nominated her for the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship on behalf of the work she and My Ivy Education have done to personalize college admissions and help students shoot to the top of their fields, winning international awards and recognition.

My Ivy Education families and alumni include celebrities, executives of Fortune 500 companies, international business leaders, tech moguls, influencers, and acclaimed artists and performers. We are backed by the founder of Wired Magazine and Columbia University professors and faculty. With our help, our students have been featured by CNN, NBC, The Today Show, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and more.


Where are My Ivy Education students headed in 2023?

Harvard University
Princeton University
Yale University
Stanford University
Columbia University
University of Pennsylvania
Brown University

Dartmouth College
Cornell University
University of Chicago

Johns Hopkins University
Carnegie Mellon University

99% of My Ivy Education students have been admitted to at least 1 of their top 3 colleges

How do My Ivy Education's Class of 2026 results compare?

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Georgetown University

Swarthmore College

Emory University

Rice University

Northwestern University


UC Berkeley

Washington University in St. Louis

Claremont McKenna College

Vanderbilt University

Tufts University

University of Michigan

Congratulations to the Class of 2027!

We're so proud of our students' Early Decision and Early Action college acceptance results, from Harvard to Stanford, Columbia, University of Pennsylvania, University of Chicago, Pomona College, and so many more. Check out two of our students' acceptance videos from the incoming Class of 2027, where they'll be starting as freshmen this year at the University of Pennsylvania and Columbia University.

University of Pennsylvania Acceptance Reaction

Columbia University Acceptance Reaction

After only gaining acceptance to her safeties in senior year, this student took a gap year to apply again. That's when she found My Ivy Education. We helped her put together the best possible application and get accepted to her dream school, UPenn!

We worked with this student every week from freshman year through senior year, helping him win national awards, gain acceptance to summer programs with 5% acceptance rates, and get into his number one choice, Columbia. We're so proud of him!

Celebrating Our


excited asian kids.png

My Ivy Education students represent...

• Coca-Cola Scholarship Winners

• Prudential Spirit of Community Award Winners

• USA Mathematics Olympiad Winners

• Davidson Fellows Scholarship Winners

• The only 2 students to win multiple International Academic Competition national titles across subjects in a single year

• Presidential Scholars in the Arts

• Alliance for Artists & Writers National Student Poets

• National Youth Poet Laureate Finalists

• NSLI-Y Scholarship Winners

...and more!


Watch My Ivy Education student Arin Parsa discuss his vaccine advocacy nonprofit, Teens for Vaccines, on CNN New Day Weekend. Show your support for Arin by tweeting #CrushCovid to join his campaign!

Our Services

We evaluate your entire academic background to create a comprehensive plan tailored just for you.

Then, by pairing students with highly-specialized, near-peer mentors who provide the hands-on guidance students crave and the progress parents want to see, we motivate and prepare students to succeed while building confidence and self-esteem.


Academic Consulting

We handcraft each student's personalized educational plan and extracurricular activities. We map out all the classes, tests, internships, and college applications what will further an individual student's learning and help them achieve. Then, we provide the customized tutoring and counseling to help that student succeed.


Leadership Development + Confidence Building

Our students come away from their time with us with one thing in common: A step-by-step roadmap to achieving their dreams. Our students have started nonprofits and successful businesses. They've won national awards for their contributions to their communities. We continually see how our students are driven to do big things - and how colleges prioritize students with the drive not just to learn, but to implement and create something new. Most of all, they are transformed when they see how we can help them do what they thought was impossible - and become top candidates for their first-choice schools in the process.


Extracurricular Mentoring

My Ivy Education connects students with mentors who give them the tools to complete impressive projects. Our mentors have helped students start literary journals, conduct research with university professors, get published, start literary journals, and get placed in internships with college professors in their areas of interest - from anthropology to math.


Writing Mentorship for Success

We have seen firsthand how strong writing skills can open up doors for our students, from helping them rack up credentials for their résumés to giving them the necessary edge to craft that perfect Common App essay. Our consultants have won national and international writing awards. They've been accepted to writing programs with acceptance rates of <3% and had their pieces published in major literary journals. Way beyond just grammar help, through the intensive creative and expository writing mentorships we offer, we help our students gain access to these and similar programs, while building skills that will last them a lifetime in whichever fields they choose to go into.

Essay Coaching

Developed by our internationally award-winning writing team, our groundbreaking, proprietary approach to essay-writing draws on creative writing and storytelling techniques to show colleges the immense value you, and only you, can bring to their campus. Our students rave about how we help them figure out what they want to say, exactly how they want to say it, and put it to paper in the most powerful ways possible. We'll help you stand out - big-time.

essay coaching graphic_edited_edited.png

Can you provide an example of this pacifism and wholesomeness after he returns to society?




Like I said above, you'll just want to combine this part of your essay with the above part. You can achieve this by joining not only the actual words, but also the themes, from each separate part.



I like that this phrase parallels the grammatical structure of the question you ask in the last paragraph, but replacing the passive voice with the active voice here will strengthen the argument. 


In addition to your personal analysis below, can you relate this to how trying to do everything led you to neglecting one of the most important things - your friendships?


In 2023, 100% of the Students We Helped Apply to Private Schools Were Accepted

We help our students apply to the top private schools in the nation. From elementary to high school,

we get the job done.

Stanford Online High School. The Harker School. Phillips Exeter Academy. Mirman School for the Gifted. The Davidson Academy. Horace Mann School. Milton Academy. Cary Academy. Durham Academy. Nueva School. Pine Crest School. Columbia Grammar & Preparatory School... and so many more.

We're on YouTube!

My Ivy Education cofounder Krystle DiCristofalo reveals her journey for getting accepted to Columbia University.

My Ivy Educates

We host workshops and seminars around the East Coast to teach students about the fundamentals of college applications. Follow us on social media to stay updated!

Pictured: Krystle teaching at 

Princeton University

princeton shield.png
splash_2019 (1).jpeg

See what our students are doing

Featuring one of our younger students,
because it's never too early to start.

After two My Ivy Education mentors helped one of our younger students, Dwight, develop a project on carbon emissions for the 3M Young Scientists Challenge, he filmed this 2-minute video - at only 10 years old. His top-tier private school wasn't challenging him enough in STEM, so his parents reached out to us for help.

Don't miss out on our offerings for students in grades 1-8, not just 9-12, including passion and extracurricular development, tutoring, and private school admissions support.

What Our Clients Say

"I was accepted to Stanford yesterday. Thank you so much this would not have been possible without your help!! Again, thank you so much!" --Student

• "Amazing news - I got into Brown Early Decision! Thank you so much for all of your help and support, and best of luck on everything. I've been working with you for quite some time, and just want to let you know how much your support has meant for me. East coast here I come." --Student

• "Hi Krystle, I have been accepted to Dartmouth. Please let me know if you ever want to collaborate in the future. I want to repay you for your support!" --Student


• I got into Harvard!!!" --Student

• "Thank you again for your help! I am grateful for the results: Yale, Harvard, Columbia, UC Berkeley!" --Student

• "I wanted to let you know that I have been accepted to my dream school, Yale! Thank you so very much for guiding me throughout the entire application process. Out of everyone in my life, you were the most supportive and helpful person, and I couldn't have done anything of this without you! Thanks to you and your encouragement I was able to push through and submit work that I was super proud of. Thank you so much once again!" --Student

• "I just wanted to let you know that my daughter was accepted at Georgetown and we are thrilled. Your advice has been invaluable as we navigated the big picture college application process." --Parent

• Hello, I wanted to let you know that I have been accepted to my dream school, Yale! Thank you so very much for guiding me throughout the entire application process. Out of everyone in my life, you were the most supportive and helpful person, and I couldn't have done anything of this without you! I felt really lost and almost gave up hope when I got deferred the first time around, but thanks to you and your encouragement I was able to push through and submit work that I was super proud of. Thank you so much once again!

"Krystle from My lvy Education is extraordinarily helpful, as her professionally outshines during each of our sessions. Even though I have a story to tell and extracurriculars to share, I had trouble fitting everything in a single essay. Krystle helped me condense the writing, which accomplished my goal in the most desirable way possible. With Krystle's assistance, I've gained acceptance into one of the most prestigious summer programs in summer of 2023, The Telluride Association Summer Seminar with <3% acceptance rate. Additionally, the essays we worked on together received feedback from an Ivy School Dean, quote "truly spectacular." As a high school senior, I highly recommend working with Krystle to polish your application writings to present yourself in the best way possible."

• "Krystle is a rock star. No other way to put it. She has her finger on the pulse on all things 'application'. She relates well to kids and parents alike... her client success speaks for itself. She has accomplished so much in such a short period of time... starting this business while in college? Crazy! She walks the walk. The program works! She's the Bill Gates of college counselors. There is no one better!" --Leanna P., Parent

• "Krystle was excellent to work with! She was friendly, energetic and extremely knowledgeable about the college application process. The insights and assistance she provided us helped us gain acceptance to our child's top college choice. Would highly recommend her!" --Molly C., Parent

• "Looking back at 2023, we are so grateful to have found and connected with you this year.  Even just after one meeting, we have far more clarity on how our son should develop coherent points of excellence in his profile."

• "You are a miracle worker!! Thank you!" --Parent

• "You are out-of-this-world exceptional." --Student

• "Thank you so much for your help and support! We couldn’t have done it without you! My son said you were a good luck charm for him. Meeting you and learning from you were the best experience he had." --Parent

• "Thank you so much for the meeting. My son was amazed to work with you. He learned so much going over the essays together. Your knowledge and ideas gave him so much inspiration! He truly appreciated your guidance!"

• “My writing has grown more in two months of working with you than in the past two years.” --Student

• "All of us are really impressed with your achievements... and my daughter really admires you and sees you as someone who is setting a great example for young aspirants. Needless to say your thorough knowledge in this area is really commendable." --Parent

• "You have the magic to help unlock my child. Thank you sooo much." --Parent

• "This is insane! I could not do this without you, seriously." --Student applying to college

• "Thank you Krystle! You are the best. We give your example to our kids." --Parent

• "I've never had a teacher who completely transformed the way I think about something like Krystle has for me with creative writing." --Student

• "You are the best." --Parent

• "Not only did My Ivy Education help my kid's essay become fantastic, but he also became a better writer as a result of their services." --Parent

• "Thanks so much for all you do! You are great, thank you again! We are so grateful to have you on our 'team.'" --Parent 

• "I couldn't have done it without you!" --Student at Yale University

• "You're magic!" --Parent

• "Krystle is in the know!" --Parent

• "You went out of your way for us." --Parent

• "Thank you so much for all the information, solutions, and encouragement. I do believe my son is on the right track to the top colleges with your guidance. You have my full support! You have done such a great job with his progress and I can tell he enjoys your mentorship so much." --Parent

• "Your work goes far beyond these kids getting grades. You are shaping their futures. It is critical work." --Parent

"Words can not express my gratitude for having My Ivy Education on my children’s academic planning team. Krystle is phenomenal. She inspires them to reach for lofty goals and helps them achieve them.  She has most recently helped them with their successful applications to OHS, but that is just the tip of the iceberg.  She has helped them figure out how to put their best efforts in and how to focus their passions. They have won several national awards under her tutelage and feel inspired to continue reaching and attaining. We call it the Krystle magic. I can not recommend them more highly." --Parent

• "I found the right person to drive my kid and I just pump the gas. We are in good hands." --Flora B., Parent

• "I just wanted to thank you for the really insightful feedback you gave me, it really gave me the boost I needed!" --Ryan B., Student

• "Krystle is absolutely awesome! She is very knowledgeable, through and creative. My son benefitted so much from her support and guidance!" --Parent

• "A 10/10 experience! Krystle and her team really know how to tailor their consulting to your individual interests and goals. Even outside of consulting, Krystle is always eager to let me know about opportunities and remind me of approaching deadlines. Would definitely recommend!" --Student

• "You made it perfect! Thank you. You are such a great helper. He couldn't be like that without you!" --Kate J., Parent

• "I must give you my sincere thanks for the wonderful revisions and insightful questions you've made. I love how you "show not tell," how you reveal your thinking process through wording, and how you help me convey "community" through details. Your help [is] definitely worth the price, and it actually convinced me of the importance of writing, which pushes me to read more and learn more. I believe a lot of kids have been inspired by you this year!" --Yirui G., Student

• "Ever since starting with you, I feel like my essay writing’s gotten a lot better, because before it was really general." --Student

• "Far beyond grammar, my son said the most helpful part of [having Krystle look over his essays for summer program applications] was the connections she was able to draw between what he was writing about." --Parent

• "Thank you for the help, you're truly the best." --Connie L., Student

* "Krystle is excellent. Her service is fast and reliable!" --Luyan L., Parent

• "I contacted Krystle and Donna because even though my children are relatively young, the thought of managing all the opportunities and the college admissions process is overwhelming.  I was encouraged by the fact that My Ivy Education specializes in Davidson Young Scholars [profoundly gifted students], because my DYS has followed a somewhat unconventional path in his education so far and I expect to need help navigating school systems and educational opportunities.  After speaking to Krystle in several consultations I am glad I found her early in the process.  Our meetings have been very productive, Krystle researched and presented many opportunities that I didn't have on my radar.  It has been wonderful to get an unbiased opinion of different schools and opportunities available in my city, and someone to help in prioritizing the things that are the best fit for my students and my family.  Her assistance on application essays and forms has also been invaluable.  I hope to continue to build a relationship with Krystle and Donna, as I expect to need their assistance more and more as my kids progress through middle and high school." --Abigail R., Parent

• "Thank you so much, Krystle! You got everything I was looking for. I really appreciate your support, and I'm so excited that I found someone that understands what we were looking for, so I'm really happy." --Meena N., Parent


• "Thank you, Krystle, your help on this is indispensable as always." --Parent

• "Thank you for your help! We are so grateful." --Parent

College counseling

Tools for success

Challenging classes

Invigorating summers

Prestigious competitions

Top-notch extracurriculars

Academic planning


Where Our Students Come From
What Our Students Gain

The United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, China, Russia, South Korea, India, VenezuelaSwedenThailandPeruPakistanFinland... and counting!



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