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Private School Admissions

We provide fully personalized support and consulting to students seeking admission to top U.S. private schools and boarding schools, both in-person and online.

Our students were accepted to...


Horace Mann School

stanford ohs.png

Stanford University Online High School


The Harker School


Milton Academy


The Nueva School

columbia preparatory.jpeg

Columbia Grammar & Preparatory School

How We Work With Our Students


School Selection

We craft a competitive list of private schools to apply to that match the student's strengths and interests, focusing on fit above all else.


Application Support

From essays to short answer questions to listing

their honors and activities, we coach students through every aspect of the application process, using our own experience successfully applying and helping countless other students apply to top U.S. private schools.


Candidacy Development

Our specialists work one-on-one with students to ensure they can best position themselves for acceptance. We've helped our students publish their writing, win competitions, and get involved in activities to strengthen their profiles and become students every school wants.


Interview Preparation

We know the questions private and boarding schools ask - including the ones you'd never expect. We run practice sessions with students based on real interview questions, so they're ready for anything.

Why My Ivy Education for private and boarding school admissions?

Now more than ever, private school admissions are becoming more competitive. As schools navigate the online landscape during COVID-19, already-exclusive schools have lowered their acceptance rates exponentially. My Ivy Education is here to help. When students migrated en masse to online schools during COVID-19, making admissions nearly impossible, we helped our students gain acceptance to the Stanford University Online High School, the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth, the Dwight Global Online School, and more. We've helped our students succeed in a time when acceptances are more exclusive than ever before, and we'll continue to do so into the future.

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