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Cracking the College Essay Code

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Welcome to Cracking the College Essay Code: By a Columbia Graduate and Rhodes Scholar Nominee! Applying to college is an enormous milestone in a high school student's life, and the personal essay is often the part of the application process that strikes the most fear into applicants' hearts. Designed by an Ivy League graduate and internationally award-winning writer who's helped hundreds of other students gain acceptance to their dream schools, including all 8 Ivy Leagues, Stanford, CalTech, and MIT, this completely unique course uses our consistently proven, proprietary storytelling- and creative writing-focused approach to help you: • Write THE most unique essays possible • Showcase your individual voice and message • Express what you, and only you, can bring to your dream school that no other student can, and what that school, and only that school, can offer you that no other school can • Understand what college application essay prompts are really asking • Use your essay(s) to make the admissions officers reading them like you and root for you • Own your college application process • Gain the confidence and know-how to write the best personal essay possible • Write not only your story, but also the story no one else but you could write!

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