How We Personalize

Personalized Learning

In the right environment, personalization allows students to soar without the limitations of a traditional classroom. At My Ivy Education, we customize and tailor each student's curriculum to the ideal learning approach and level of challenge in each subject to allow them to soar while fostering self-confidence. In doing so, we craft for all our students the education they need to excel.

Learning to Soar

Differentiation and individualized learning plans are current buzzwords in education. We take them to the next level.

Throughout the day, a given student might have several live online classes. A teacher facilitates a discussion with multiple students tuning in from around the country, and sometimes even the world. Class time is devoted to furthering student understanding and mastery of the content, with homework ranging from problem sets and essays to artistic and collaborative projects assigned outside of class for the student to work on during the rest of their day at My Ivy Education.

Each online class has been specially chosen for that student based on how we at My Ivy Education determine that particular class will engage, motivate, and challenge them. At the beginning of each school year, we evaluate each student's level in each subject, and then, also taking into consideration that student's learning style and interests, match them to courseware from the world-class online providers we work with. This approach creates an active process of both listening to where the student is currently at and crafting a curriculum that can build confidence by taking them from the comfort zone to the learning zone, so they can grow.

My Ivy Education at Work

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Personalized Learning

"One of the dangers is that we treat personalized learning as a tweak to the traditional system." --Julia Freeland Fisher

At My Ivy Education, personalized learning is a way of life.



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