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How to Write Successful Essays at the Stanford Online High School (and Other Private Schools)




Are you a student who attends or will attend the Stanford Online High School (SOHS), or another school with a notoriously rigorous English and writing program? We're launching the perfect summer class to prepare you to get solid A's from Day 1, taught by My Ivy Education co-founder Krystle DiCristofalo. After helping all 13 of our 2023 SOHS applicants successfully get accepted, and after years of maintaining a ~100% acceptance rate to SOHS for our students, we've noticed a pattern: whether you've been a student for years or you'll be starting in the fall, SOHS English is hard. That's why we've designed this 6-week summer class to cover not just the basics of essay-writing, but specifically how to write at the college level - exactly what SOHS and top high schools demand. Krystle is sharing all the secrets she had to learn to ace SOHS essays in English, Core, History, and more. From explaining the philosophical concepts that underpin the literature students will read at SOHS, to the perfect framework to structure a winning essay, to writing assignments readying students for what they'll submit at SOHS, this utterly unique course will give you all the tools you need to succeed.

[RECORDINGS] How to Write Successful Essays at the Stanford Online High School

  • Instructor: Krystle DiCristofalo

    Krystle DiCristofalo is a Rhodes Scholar nominee, author, and professional writing mentor and college counselor. She graduated cum laude from Columbia University in three years instead of four with a degree in Creative Writing and Business Management, and was shortlisted for nomination for the PEN/Robert J. Dau Short Story Prize (top 12 English-language stories of the year internationally) by the Adroit Journal. She has taught Creative Writing at Princeton University and Columbia University Splash events and has coached multiple Davidson Fellows Scholarship Winners in Literature, as well as 50% of the 2021 Presidential Scholars in the Arts in Writing. She has also helped many students become National YoungArts finalists and National Student Poets, and to get accepted to the prestigious Iowa Young Writers’ Studio, Kenyon Review Young Writers Workshop, and Adroit Journal Summer Mentorship Program.

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