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Learning Together
Valuing Our Differences

We personalize so each one of our students can have the best possible education for them. We collaborate so every student is able to contribute their own unique perspective and learn from those of their peers.

Beyond Group Work

Collaboration through project-based learning is My Ivy Education hallmark, and one that reinforces our commitment to personalization in every aspect of our students' learning. We believe that to best prepare students for the demands of a 21st-century workforce, we must emulate those conditions in the classroom. Rather than slogging through the same worksheets in groups of two or three, today's thinkers work together to address an overarching problem from their individual, specialized viewpoints, whether they are engineers designing a safer car or artists curating an exhibit.


At My Ivy Education, our students collaborate in the same innovative way by contributing their unique interests and skill sets to the task at hand. One student might use both scientific facts and ways of thinking learned from physics class, while another can apply the critical analysis and knowledge gained from American history to find a different way of examining an issue. Projects are led by student interests and scaffolded by our knowledgeable staff for an ideal blend of autonomy and support.

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