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Rock your online learning experience during COVID-19!


As COVID-19 pushes schools online, students are freaking out - and rightly so. If you're a student who's started online learning and need tips and tricks on how to succeed, this workshop is for you. During these difficult times, we want to give back to the community and use our years of experience with online education to help, which is why we've decided to offer this experience 100% for free.

Own Your Online Learning Journey

How do I stay focused in class online? How can I connect with teachers and other students? How do I submit assignments online and navigate class websites? How does participating in Zoom work? Why is it a bad idea to cheat online? What is text chat used for, anyway? If you've asked yourself any of these questions - and any others regarding online learning - we have the answers.

Workshop Details

• What is it? Two 1-hour workshops

• When is it? Week of August 10 - times TBA!

• How much is it? 100% FREE for the two workshops

Meet the Teachers
Krystle DiCristofalo
Jenny Nadaner
Jenny pic2.png

Krystle was online-schooled for a whopping 14 years, from kindergarten to the Stanford University Online High School to Columbia University, and loved every minute of it. As the co-founder of My Ivy Education, she offers online tutoring and college counseling, and teaches our online Creative Writing classes.

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Jenny's philosophy of teaching is firmly rooted in Project-Based Learning with real life applications. Over her 16 years at the Stanford University Online High School and elsewhere, Jenny has employed the instructional methods and state-of-the art online technology that engage each student’s individual interests, learning style, and creativity.

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