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My Ivy Education is excited to announce our 2018 Invention Camp! Our unique approach to summer learning combines technology and teamwork to offer our students an introduction to what it means to be an inventor and an active member of society in the 21st century. Once a week for 6 weeks, students embark on a journey that takes them from the initial process of identifying the problem they want to solve, to designing and developing their own unique solution, to building a prototype and learning about the process of patenting and pitching an invention in today's world.

• Registration deadline June 30, 2018

• Saturdays 10:00 AM-1:00 PM

• Open to Grades 6-9

• 18 Bank Street, Summit, NJ

• July 7-August 11, 2018

• $299 for 6 weeks

Campers will gain inspiration from Guest Speaker Natalia Orlovsky. Natalia holds a provisional patent for her work in cancer research and was named the Winner of $175,000 in the 2018 Regeneron (formerly Intel) Science Talent Search, known as the Super Bowl of Science. She will be attending Princeton University in the fall. Natalia will discuss her own process of identifying a real-world problem, researching its causes, and designing a solution. In this way, campers will learn about how they too can innovate, actualize, and make an impact in the world around them.

Campers enjoy fully air-conditioned facilities at our state-of-the-art location. Healthy snacks and water will be provided, but campers should bring their own, nut-free lunches. Space for individual and group work and proximity to the great outdoors are features. The session will conclude with an online-offline recreation of the popular TV show Shark Tank, allowing campers to present their finalized concepts and receive friendly feedback from peers and instructors.


Campers learn about other young inventors who have achieved success with their creations (did you know television was thought up by a kid?) and how they too can make an impact. They will leave Invention Camp with a sense of innovation, purpose, and newfound understanding of and belief in their abilities to create and contribute to the world around them.

Introduction to Invention

Students will learn about famous inventions and inventors. They will be able to list important characteristics of an inventor and compare and contrast them with traits they themselves possess. 


Students will learn about the 7 habits of highly creative minds and be introduced to SCAMPER,  a creative problem-solving process that they will use to create their own Rube Goldberg machines.

Find an idea!

July 21

Students will develop an appreciation for the need for a growth mindset while learning about inventions by kids today. They will discuss their philosophies of invention and research to come up with ideas to solve a problem in their community.


Students will discover Bloom's Taxonomy and understand the importance of knowing how to ask great questions through examples from Star Wars and Harry Potter. They will learn strategies to apply when their creativity is blocked.


Students will write a plan to develop their own idea for an invention and receive feedback from our Guest Speaker. They will be introduced to the TV show Shark Tank and write elevator pitches to convince their peers of the importance of their invention for the upcoming Week 6 Shark Tank simulation.

SHark tank!

Students will participate in a simulation of Shark Tank in which they describe their invention to the class, convincing them of its importance in solving a problem, targeting an audience and analyzing how much it would cost to produce.

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July 7

July 14

July 21

July 28

August 4

August 11

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