La diversidad lingüística en América Latina a través del arte


This course deals with the connection between the Spanish language and society and introduces students to  In this course, we will explore the interrelationship of language and society in Latin America through art, music, and folklore. We will investigate Spanish in contact with other languages and among different regional varieties in historical and contemporary settings as well as examine the relationship between language variation and linguistic change. Language in interaction will be explored, particularly as it functions to shape the identities of speakers. This course will focus on interpersonal communication and presentational speaking skills and will be conducted 90-95% in Spanish.

Linguistic Diversity in Latin America Through Art

  • Teacher: Jenny Nadaner

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    Grade Level: 9-12


    Bio: Jenny's philosophy of teaching is firmly rooted in Project-Based Learning with real life applications. Over her 16 years at the Stanford University Online High School and elsewhere, Jenny has employed the instructional methods and state-of-the art online technology that engage each student’s individual interests, learning style, and creativity.