Introduction to Financial Literacy: Literacy is the ability to understand language through reading and writing in order to best communicate and manage within the realm of a specific discipline or community. Intro to Financial Literacy is designed specifically for tweens and teens to introduce a broad range of financial terms and modalities with the goal to set a foundation for sound decision making and future financial security. The introductory class focuses on a broad range of topics such as: the history of money, vocabulary of finance, budgeting, banking, and money management / investing. In 12 weeks, each student will be able to understand the language of personal finance as well as have the tools to embark on at least one savings game.


  • Joanne Steinhardt has melded her experience as an educator and an entrepreneur in order to support students and families identifying the gaps potential left by traditional education and filling them with less traditional models of learning. Working closely with the MyIvy Education family, Joanne developed the Financial Literacy suite of classes specifically to offer Tweens, Teens, and folks who have not previously been exposed to the word of money and money management the language they need to have meaningful conversations regarding finance. Joanne has previously owned her own business where she led the operations and finance to the culmination of successful acquisition. She has also held several university level positions include Tenured Associate Professor. Additionally, Joanne has direct experience with both traditional and alternative education as she heralded two of her own children through elementary, middle school, high school, and University. Over the past five years morphed her collective experience into private teaching, consulting, and the pursuit of fine art.