A 2-day, virtual, hands-on workshop for educators in K-12 and Higher Ed.



1. To simplify the process of transitioning from face-to-face to remote teaching.

2. To help you realize (through concrete examples) that it doesn't have to be completely different from what you are already doing!


Key questions:

1. How can I best motivate my students to learn online?

2. How will synchronous teaching using the eLearning platform (such as Zoom or Google Meet) enhance learner agency and target measurable learning objectives?

3. What constitutes meaningful input content in remote teaching?

4. How can the learning management system (such as Canvas or Schoolology) be used most effectively asynchronously (not in real time)?

Effective Strategies for Remote Teaching

  • Teacher: Jenny Nadaner

    Sessions: Coming Soon!

    Times: Coming Soon!

    Grade Level: 9-12


    Bio: Jenny's philosophy of teaching is firmly rooted in Project-Based Learning with real life applications. Over her 16 years at the Stanford University Online High School and elsewhere, Jenny has employed the instructional methods and state-of-the art online technology that engage each student’s individual interests, learning style, and creativity.