Designed for students with previous knowledge of writing poetry or who have taken Introduction to Poetry Writing, this course delves into the landscape of modern and contemporary poetry from the beginning of the 20th century to today. We’ll go through the modernism of T. S. Eliot to the postmodernism of Elizabeth Bishop, paying particular attention to how the poetry of students has influenced and continues to shape the landscape of American poetry. Is poetry a public or private endeavor? How have poetry contests, competitions, and student journals affected the themes, impact, and language of poetry? What are the trends and symbols seen in the poetry of the 2010s, and how have student poets in high schools and universities across the nation contributed to them? What does it mean to write poetry for an external source such as a literary magazine or by commission? These are all questions we will explore and answer in this course. The course will break down what successful young poets today are doing, taught by someone who is one of them. Students will complete the workshop with a portfolio of poetry and newfound knowledge about where, if they choose, they can submit it to contests, competitions, and publications, or use the groundwork to continue developing their skills. (Students will be required to complete weekly assignments and participate regularly in group discussions.)

ADVANCED POETRY WRITING - Modern American Poetry and Student Contests

  • Teacher: Krystle DiCristofalo

    Session: Fridays, September 25-December 11

    Times: Coming Soon!

    Grade Level: 9-12


    Bio: Krystle DiCristofalo, the co-founder of My Ivy Education, is a creative writing major at Columbia University whose writing has been published in literary journals including Cicada Magazine, Imagine Magazine, The Noisy Island, and many more. She is the recipient of multiple National Scholastic Art & Writing Awards Gold Medals for her fiction, and is a graduate of the Telluride Association Summer Program for writing. She has taught creative writing at Princeton University and Columbia University at their Splash events, and is currently working on a novel about kids in boarding school who stumble into a world of magic.


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