Our Team

All of our counselors and tutors at this time come from the Ivy League college consortium, comprised of Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Brown, and the University of Pennsylvania, as well as other elite institutions such as UC Berkeley and Haverford College. We pride ourselves on the diversity of our expertise and our resultant ability to ensure that each student we work with is matched to the counselor that is right for them, based on similarity of background, interests, and experiences. We are available to meet both in-person and over video chat services such as Skype and FaceTime, where we use online whiteboards to create an effective and intimate mentorship connection.

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As the co-founder of My Ivy Education, Krystle serves as head counselor, guiding students through all the rungs of our unique and comprehensive college admissions strategy. She is available to tutor students in subjects including high school English, AP English Language and Composition, AP English Literature and Composition, creative writing, SAT and ACT preparation, the SAT Literature Subject Test, and the history of science.


Krystle's own educational path led her first to the Stanford University Online High School, where she took university-level classes and was a Student Ambassador, Teaching Associate, and Peer Tutor for six classes, and later to Columbia University, during which time she became a nationally award-winning, published author for her fiction and poetry. She offers her services as a creative writing tutor and mentor.


Significant accomplishments include being named a National Merit Winner; being accepted to multiple programs with acceptance rates of <5%, such as the Telluride Association Summer Program, the Iowa Young Writers' Studio, and the Kenyon Review Young Writers Workshop; winning National Gold Medals through the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards; and having her writing published in multiple journals and literary magazines.


In her spare time, she enjoys reading, writing, and playing the harp, with which she has performed at venues including Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center.


My philosophy of teaching is firmly rooted in Content and Topic-Oriented Task-Based pedagogy and Project-Based,  and Experiential Learning. My mission as a Spanish language instructor is to create a community of students who are enthusiastic about learning and become successful leaders in the increasingly interconnected and multicultural world. I believe that students learn best when exposed to primary sources, such as music, literature, history, art, geography, and current events, and are encouraged to see relationships between the language that they are learning and other fields of study of their own interest. My teaching is informed by the latest research on how second language acquisition benefits the student’s learning in general.  I employ the instructional methods and state-of-the art online technology (Computer Assisted Learning) that engage each student’s individual interests, learning style, and creativity. I am dedicated to developing innovative pedagogical curricula for both face-to-face and 0nline distance-learning instruction. The materials I design, while rigorous and based on the highest standards, go beyond the typical textbook and grammar-based teaching.  I emphasize content and task-based instruction that leads to confident, pragmatic communicative competence with real life applications.  Through this approach, the experience of Spanish language learning becomes meaningful in ways that contribute to the students’ appreciation and understanding of other cultures, while cultivating their intrinsic motivation to pursue more advanced education.

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Rommel (Columbia '23) is a STEM tutor for My Ivy Education with specialities in AP Calculus AB, BC, AP Computer Science A, and numerous other math courses from Algebra I to Precalculus.


A Texas native, Rommel graduated from the United Engineering and Technology Magnet School with certifications in numerous industry-standard engineering software. He now studies Computer Science at Columbia University in the City of New York, seeking a minor in Applied Mathematics.


Rommel has developed most of his technical skills through hands-on engineering experiences such as constructing a robot for the 2019 FIRST Robotics challenge and advancing to the World Championships, and designing a modular 3D printer to further automate additive manufacturing. He has been named an AP Scholar with Distinction, National Hispanic Recognition Program Scholar, and graduated 12th out of 1135 students in his class. 


On campus, Rommel is the first year representative for the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers and is a part of the Columbia Kingsmen A Cappella group.


Kassandra (Yale ‘24) tutors History, English, and writing (both technical and creative), for which she has great passion. She has earned state and national level awards in History and Latin and achieved 5s in all History and English AP exams. She has been writing for as long as she can remember, but most recently has honed her skills at the Sewanee Young Writers Conference, and The Iowa Young Writer’s Studio, had her short stories published in national literary magazines one of which was nominated for the PEN/Robert J. Dau Short Story Prize, and has had the privilege to watch three of her ten-minute plays receive full theatrical production. In addition to writing her own stories, Kassandra designed a three-week creative writing curriculum which she taught to three cohorts of Freshmen at her high school during her senior year.


Kassandra has gained experience tutoring grade level students through her local Boys and Girls Club, her peers through her high school’s writing center and through private tutoring, and adults through her own community service program for tutoring GED students. She also has helped ESL learners improve their English.


In her free time, Kassandra enjoys reading, weightlifting, and spending time with her cats.

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Raj specializes in physics and math, and has tutored students in AP Physics Mechanics, AP Physics Electricity & Magnetism, AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus C, and Multivariable Calculus, as well as SAT Subject Physics. He graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai, one of the most prestigious STEM universities in the world, where he received his Bachelors in Technology in Engineering Physics. He minored in computer science, and is also familiar with data science. Raj is extremely passionate about teaching, and has been doing so for the last couple of years while tutoring students online and working with a preparatory school for acceptance to IIT while pursuing his passion of data science. He currently lives in Vijaywada, India.


Ash DiCristofalo is a tutor for STEM and humanities subjects at My Ivy Education. Subjects tutored include math, chemistry, writing, and biology. 

Having previously attended various online curricula, including the Stanford Online High School, Ash is pursuing Bioengineering with a minor in Classics at Haverford College, and enjoys learning about thermodynamics, Latin, and art within science. 

A competitive artist, writer, and math nerd, Ash has had drawings, poetry, and prose published in a variety of texts ranging from books of art to an encyclopedia; has attended the Iowa Young Writers' Studio; and has won multiple international awards in mathematical modeling competitions such as HiMCM. 

When not buried in a textbook, Ash sketches, plays chess and tennis, and listens to 80s music. 

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Stan (Columbia ’23) is a tutor for My Ivy Education with specializations in AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, AP Physics 1, AP Physics 2, AP Physics C: Mechanics, AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism, AP Computer Science A, AP Chemistry, AP Mandarin Chinese, SAT Math and English, ACT Math, Reading, and Science, SAT II Math, SAT II Chemistry, SAT II Mandarin and a variety of math courses ranging from Algebra I to Calc IV.

A New Jersey native and Astrophysics major, Stan graduated as valedictorian and student body president from the Wardlaw-Hartridge School, where he began his tutoring career. Beginning his freshman year Stan started tutoring both his peers and grade level students in general STEM subjects. He continued his love for tutoring as head instructor of AE2 Learning where he developed personalized curricula for his students enrolled in both test prep and academic enrichment courses. A true lover of education, Stan continues his tutoring career with My Ivy Education and is involved in numerous nonprofits furthering education and academic counseling for underprivileged students.

Apart from tutoring, Stan is currently involved with a variety of activities on Columbia’s campus. He is an Executive Committee Member of the Chinese Student’s Club, and is also on the editorial board for the Columbia Undergraduate Science Journal. He is a also an undergraduate researcher in Columbia University Prof. Marcel Agüeros’s lab where he currently studies the magnetic structure of the low mass stars in the Praesepe and Hyades Clusters via their H-Alpha emission lines.

A lover of learning and a curious soul at heart, Stan enjoys writing poetry and experiencing new cultures whenever he gets the chance to!


As a tutor at My Ivy Education, Megan is available to help students in subjects such as AP Computer Science A, high school English, AP English Language and Composition, SAT preparation, and various areas of math including algebra and precalculus.


Having graduated from Stanford Online High School, Megan now studies computer science at the University of California, Berkeley.


Over the past few years, Megan has been heavily involved in outreach efforts addressing diversity in STEM, and enjoys exploring new ways to tie together computer science and the humanities to help her community. She has been named a National Merit Winner, NCWIT Aspirations in Computing Affiliate Award Winner, as well as a finalist for the Bay Area Teen Writing Awards, and has attended multiple programs including Stanford AI4ALL and MIT Launch.


In her free time, Megan enjoys reading, writing, learning new languages, and listening to a copious amount of music.


Sky specializes in DECA coaching as well as extracurricular and study abroad consulting. He also offers guidance for youth entrepreneurship, college applications and essay writing, and college test prep.

After graduating from the Davidson Academy of Nevada, Sky opted to take a gap year to work on entrepreneurial ventures before joining Stanford University (fall 2021). Throughout high school, Sky was deeply interested in the combination of East Asian studies and entrepreneurship, pursuing Japanese Studies at the University of Nevada, Reno alongside other coursework in East Asian history and philosophy. He also embarked on various East Asian abroad experiences including Yale Young Global Scholars Beijing and YFU Japan. In 2019, he worked at OKCoin Japan, combining his interest in business with his passion for Japanese language and culture. Sky was also the Davidson Academy DECA Chapter President for the 2018-19 school year and won 1st Place in the Entrepreneurship Series Event at the 2019 DECA ICDC.

Aside from entrepreneurship and Japanese studies, Sky enjoys tennis, photography, and working out.