Why My Ivy Education?

"I've never seen him so engaged before.

It's incredible."

                   -- My Ivy Education Parent

Because your child deserves a personalized education in the company of like-minded peers. Because our country's best and brightest are chronically underserved in traditional public and private schools, with almost no good alternatives. Because at My Ivy Education we believe every child should have the opportunity to soar. Because at My Ivy Education, we give each child that opportunity.

Co-founder Krystle DiCristofalo (far left) is a big fan of Neil deGrasse Tyson. The flexibility Krystle and her twin experienced in her own schooling is a feature of My Ivy Education and opens up the possibility of similar encounters.

Fast Facts

No pre-set curriculum. Each class each student takes is thoughtfully chosen by our experienced guides for that student.

Almost unlimited curricular options for each class, from self-paced to live online classrooms.

Academic consulting to introduce students to the best classes and courseware, extracurricular and summer opportunities, and competitions and contests for them. 

Individualized tutoring by Ivy League graduates available during and after school.

Accredited classes available taught by Ph.D. professors and experts in their fields.

Full-time schooling in Grades 6-12

Located in Summit, New Jersey.

At My Ivy Education, our guides work side-by-side with your child to...

• Outline and execute a fully personalized, individualized, and holistic plan of academic study on a semester-by-semester basis

• Choose courses and classes specifically geared towards furthering their passions and goals while achieving a well-rounded education

• Create specialized group projects that engage the whole class and take into consideration each student's skill set, while going far beyond traditional group work

• Select extracurricular and summer activities to highlight and develop their distinctive talents and interests

• Fully and empathetically address that student's unique learning needs, such as gifted status, and integrate those needs into the entirety of their academic plan

• Craft a step-by-step plan to help them achieve their future college and career goals, including admission to top colleges such as the Ivy League if that is their goal

• Provide consistent, empathetic tutoring and support predicated on a keen awareness of when and in what areas a student may need help

And, most of all, empower them to reach their goals and go beyond what they thought was possible.

Our Story

The seed that would one day blossom into My Ivy Education took root in 2006, when Donna DiCristofalo decided to pull her twin daughters, Krystle and Ash, out of kindergarten after one week in order to try homeschooling. It soon became clear that education was on the cusp of something that could make all the difference for independent learners. Donna had the freedom to weave together curriculums to create for each of her children a fully customized learning plan, designed and curated to let them both study what interested them, receive a well-rounded education, and fall in love with the process.

Both Krystle and Ash were accepted to their dream schools for college - Columbia University for Krystle, and Haverford College for Ash, where she is pursuing a 4+1 program in Bioengineering to receive her Masters from the University of Pennsylvania. Now, we offer the same kind of education that allowed us to pursue our dreams to you, with one vital change: A physical, collaborative community of peers at our state-of-the-art brick-and-mortar facility in Summit, New Jersey. Our students have the best of both worlds as they build friendships and build relationships with peers on a daily basis, while our facilitators design each student's learning plan to reflect and respect his or her needs, passions, and desires as an individual.

My Ivy Education is based in Summit, New Jersey, and is currently open to communication with families on a rolling basis. We cater to a wide variety of students, including gifted and asynchronous learners, athletes or those with other significant pursuits, and families who want a world-class education. Tell us about your child. Let us know your story. We'd love to hear from you as we select students for admission.

The 21st century demands a new way of learning.

My Ivy Education is that way.

Leadership Team

My Ivy Education is a Central New Jersey-based solution to the status quo in education. But we like to think we're more than that.


"The system should fit the student rather than making the student fit the system."

--John Spencer



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